Multiplicity’s Open Studio is a great alternative if you do not want to invest in expensive tools and equipment in order to pursue your artistic endeavors. During Open Studio hours, all qualified participants will have access to Multiplicity’s full Jewelry Metal Studio, including all tools, equipment, machinery, torches, and library. Open Studio is designed for ultimate flexibility: students may work independently to complete class projects and/or work on self-designed creations; or, for an additional fee, those needing assistance with skill mastery can request guidance from an instructor as they need it.

Please be aware that Open Studio does not include new instruction time (see below).

For targeted and/or advanced instruction or to acquire new skills, Multiplicity Studio offers one-on-one time with an instructor. Individual Instruction is $50 per hour and must be scheduled in advance.

Open Studio Days do not include any project materials. Participants need to supply their own metal, solder, wire, findings, enamel, etc. These items may also be purchased from the Multiplicity Metal Studio during studio hours.

Multiplicity Studio Open Studio Students May 2019


  • Open Studio is regularly available on weekdays from 10am-4:30pm (4-4:30pm is designated as clean-up time.)
  • Open Studio is sometimes available on weekends and evenings. Please check the Calendar for dates and times.
  • Available to proficient participants working independently.
  • Priced at $40 per day with no minimum number of days required.
  • Is discounted to $35 per day for 5+ days; must be purchased together on a single receipt.
  • One Regular Open Studio Day is equal to one calendar day. Multiplicity does not prorate Open Studio days.
  • Does include use of all tools, equipment, and machinery (demonstration of proficiency may be required.)
  • Materials are not included.
  • Does not expire.

Please note:

  • Participants may receive periodic instructor assistance for an additional $85 per Open Studio day (Dedicated one-on-one instruction time may be scheduled at $50 per hour. Please call for details: 832.437.6329.)
  • Participants are responsible for damage due to misuse of tools, equipment, machinery, chemicals, and related materials.
  • Participants must sign in upon arriving; after signing in, participants may come and go throughout the day.

For additional information, please call 832.437.6329.

Each participant will have access to the following:

  • Bench pin
  • Center punch
  • Drill bit
  • Flush cutters
  • Flush Shears
  • Half-round file
  • Needle files
  • Pliers (flat nose, round nose, chain nose)
  • Ring clamp
  • Safety glasses
  • Saw blades
  • Saw frame
  • Bezel punches
  • Casting kiln*
  • Corrugator
  • Cutters (discs, ovals, squares, rectangles, tear drops, hearts)
  • Dapping blocks
  • Draw plates
  • Drill press
  • Enameling (trivets, tripods, sifters, etc.)
  • Forming stakes
  • Flexshafts
  • Gauges (various)
  • Hammers (texturing, riveting, brass, mallets, forming)
  • Hydraulic press
  • Jump ringer
  • Mandrels
  • Metal shears
  • Polishing equipment
  • Riveting system
  • Rolling mill
  • Stakes (sinusoidal, mushroom)
  • Stamps (letter, number, misc. designs)
  • Swage blocks
  • Texture plates
  • Torches (acetylene, butane, propane-oxygen)
  • Vacuum caster
  • Vibratory tumblers
  • Vise
  • Wire jigs

*Casting requires instructor supervision and incurs a $50 fee.

Demonstration of proficiency will be required for certain tools.