In Multiplicity Studio’s Jewelry Metal Studio, our experienced instructors will teach you the skills and techniques needed to work confidently with various metals.

In our regular Classes taught by the very talented Ray Volcik, you can learn everything from simple sawing and soldering to more complex stone setting, wax carving, casting, and mold making. Ray is a wonderful instructor that has worked in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. He is very detailed-oriented and will teach you, or help you perfect, your metalsmithing skills in our fully equipped metal studio. Sign up for a class or workshop and join us for an in-depth exploration of the fascinating field of jewelry metalsmithing.

1-Day and 2-Day Project Classes

If you just want to have some fun and learn a certain jewelry-making skill, take one of our Project Classes. Most of these are fun classes where you go home with a finished piece of jewelry that you will be proud of, with the added bonus of adding a new item to your repertoire of jewelry-making skills.

6-Day Skill Courses

For the more serious student, take one of our 6-Day Skill Courses to correctly learn core metalsmithing skills. More advanced skill-based learning can be achieved through advanced courses and/or private instruction. Continue through the full series to learn everything you need to know to create your own custom jewelry.


For more complex project-based classes, or if you want to take a class from a visiting instructor, check out our special Workshops. We try to offer a wide range of creative classes from local, national, and international artisans. Most of our workshops are metal or jewelry related, but we also bring in a variety of artists that work in other mediums, including paper, fiber, glass, and polymer clay.

Diane Cook is Multiplicity Studio’s Creative Workshop Coordinator. She offers her own fabulous classes and workshops and is responsible for bringing in all of the talented artists who travel here to teach in our studio.

Multiplicity Metal Studio Benches
Multiplicity Metal Studio Casting
Multiplicity Lost Wax Casting & Finishing

Check our Calendar for current and upcoming Classes and Workshops. We change our offerings regularly and sometimes due to student requests. If you do not see a class you are looking for, please call 832.437.6329 to let us know. We will work your desired class into our schedule as soon as it is possible.

Open Studio

In addition to classes and workshops, we also offer Open Studio for anyone wishing to work on their own without instructor support. This is perfect for students wanting to practice and hone their skills or for those with experience and skill who are looking for a space to create. Use of all tools and equipment is included. To ensure the safety and security of persons and tools/equipment, a demonstration of proficiency may be required.

Open Studio is regularly available Monday-Friday from 10am-4:30pm (clean up is from 4:30pm-5:00pm.) Some weekend days and evenings are also available. Please check the calendar for these extended dates and times.