The term Stampings is often misunderstood by our customers, although they have a long history in the jewelry industry. Stampings are typically metal shapes that have been “stamped” to create embossed detailing. They are usually one-sided, but sometimes are created in one piece with mirror images of the design that have a fold-over joint, that when folded over creates a three-dimensional piece with the same design on the front and the back. Often, they also have small cut-out areas to create a sort of filigree-looking design.

Stampings can be used in a variety of jewelry-making and craft applications. They are great as pendants, earring components, embellishments on leather and purses, and can be additionally embellished with beads, wire, paint, or faux enamels.

Back Room Beads carries a selection of stampings that we have had custom plated, as well as several vintage stampings in their original brass base.

If you haven’t ever tried using them, you should for a fun change that can add an entirely new dimension to your creativity.

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