Before you even enter our doors, you will get a glimpse of some of the beautiful beads that grace our walls. The vibrant colors of the Czech Glass Beads that hang in our windows create an almost stained-glass effect drawing all of our guests in to explore the beauty.

The beauty that nature has created can be found on our interior bead room walls, where we have natural Gemstone, Pearl, Shell, and Wood bead strands hanging alongside a selection of amazing Metal bead strands.

If you love beads with a history, we have a good selection of Vintage, Acrylic, and Plastic bead strands as well as vintage, antique, and even some ancient Afghani and African Trade bead strands.

Besides hanging bead strands, throughout Back Room Beads, you will find interesting beads everywhere, from our handmade lamp-worked; healing gemstone; vintage lucite, plexiglass, and plastic beads; and large-hole beads; to our “candy bar” wall of beads, and our bead basket that is full of beads to sort through. If you love beads, come on in and explore.

Back Room Beads gets new beads in several times a year and usually has a two to three bead trunk shows a year. We carry a large selection of beads, but due to our limited space, we do not carry seed beads.

Multiplicity Czech Glass Beads

Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass is made in the Czech Republic, or near to that area, where they are well known for a long tradition of glass making and have a reputation for making very fine, beautiful glass and crystal. Czech glass beads are made in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors and may be faceted and polished, pressed, or lamp-worked.

Multiplicity Gemstone, Pearl, Shell, & Wood Beads

Gemstone, Pearl, Shell, & Wood Beads

Gemstone, Pearl, Shell, and Wood beads all come from natural sources. Most of these natural products are just shaped, drilled, and polished to bring out the beauty in the material. Some are further embellished with carving or inlays. At Multiplicity, we carry a wide variety of natural beads, including semi-precious and precious gemstones, mother-of-pearl, freshwater pearls, coral, oyster, and a selection of different wood beads.

Multiplicity Trade Beads

Beads with History

At Multiplicity, we love beads and components with history. Something about them seems special because they have been loved by someone else in another time. Whether you love cool vintage plastics, beautiful Venetian glass, or really old, rustic trade beads, we have something you will cherish.

Other Interesting Beads

Lamp-Works Beads

Multiplicity Lamp Worked Beads

Metal Beads

Multiplicity Metal Beads

“Candy Bar” Bead Wall

Multiplicity Candy Bar Bead Wall