In addition to our current Heartflower Designs, we also offer what we like to call “Shopportunity” items. These items are typically artisan or artisan-inspired gifts, jewelry, accessories, and/or home décor that have been handcrafted or manufactured elsewhere, but they sometimes also include our Heartflower Designs. We call them “Shopportunity” items because they are always on sale at a deep discount, giving our customers a great shopping opportunity.

“Shopportunity” items may be older designs that we are closing out or items that we were able to purchase at a discount, allowing us to pass the savings on to you, our customer. To find these great “Shopportunities,” just look for the special “Shopportunity” areas in the Artisan Boutique.

Whether you find the perfect “Shopportunity” or Heartflower Design, you are sure to enjoy your shopping experience while also getting a great item for a great value.

Multiplicity Shop's Artisan Boutique Shopportunity Area