Inspiration for Heartflower Designs

Heartflower Designs began with the idea our owner, Susan Small, had to showcase the talents of her staff, a.k.a. her “Multiplicity Family,” which some did not know they had. Instead of continuing to fill our Artisan Boutique with products manufactured elsewhere and available at other shops, she decided that our offerings would be much more special if they were made by our caring and creative staff. The added bonus being that our merchandise would also be unique to our store. This also allowed Multiplicity to be a place where Susan’s true belief, that everyone has their own ability to be creative if they will just believe it, is validated. Her hope is that this will inspire others to believe the same.

Our exclusive product line is named after our logo, the Heartflower, and is Susan’s original design. She created this design to represent what inspires her every day. The Heartflower is a flower that is blooming with a heart, one that appears to be gracefully swaying in the wind and is tied with a bow. The thought behind its design was to depict peoples’ ability to love and to grow as they are gently moving through life – the more we grow, the more our love is able to blossom, and the more we love the more we are able to grow. This, Susan believes, is the perfect gift that we as humans have all been given.

Multiplicity Heartflower Jewelry
Multiplicity Heartflower Designs Bicycle Cigar Box
Multiplicity Heartflower Designs Jewelry

Featured in Multiplicity’s Artisan Boutique are our Heartflower Designs, unique and fun items made in-house at Multiplicity. These made-in-Katy gifts, jewelry, accessories, and home décor are all hand-crafted and/or hand-embellished by Multiplicity’s very talented and creative staff. If you are looking for something that is unique, these are perfect because they are locally made and cannot be found elsewhere. So, visit our Artisan Boutique to find these exclusively-ours items. You might even find one of our staff members busily at work on a new design when you are visiting.

All Heartflower Designs are created in small, limited editions. So, if you find a something you love, it is best to get it while it is still available.

If you see something you like in our boutique, but would like it personalized or otherwise embellished, we can often accommodate your wishes.

We also do custom items, such as personalized, hand-stamped necklaces and bracelets; personalized jewelry boxes; or customized, painted lazy susans. If you have something in mind, but do not see it in our shop, just ask and we will do everything we can to create what you are looking for.