We love to offer the public a place to enjoy the beauty of art. That is why we decided to have a small Art Gallery on site.

The Multiplicity Art Gallery showcases beautiful works of art in several different art mediums. We usually have 6-10 pieces of wall art created in either Chalk Paint®, pastels, acrylic, or mixed media. These typically include some works from our own talented staff, as well as some from other local and national artists.

Most of the works on display are inspired by nature or are colorful, abstract art. These are the pieces that fit well with our Garden Venue environment and those which best complement our serene and creatively, inspiring setting.

Occasionally we have visiting artists’ works on display and for sale to help benefit the local arts community and to offer additional art for our visitors to reflect upon.

To fully enjoy the art on display, be sure to take your time exploring all of the various works and art mediums that you see. If you are lucky, you will find one that speaks to you personally and begs to be yours.

Multiplicity Art Gallery