In her constant inspiration for all things related to decorative painting and design, Annie Sloan is always thinking about ways advance the painting process, the information available to consumers, and the products available for interior design. Her endless energy, love of color, as well as her fine arts and interior design backgrounds, give her a strong foundation for introducing new, interesting, and improved products into the marketplace.

In addition to creating her wonderful Chalk Paint®, waxes and finishes, brushes, stencils, and fragrances, she has also written several painting technique and design Books, created a beautiful Fabric Collection that continues to expand, as well as created some useful Tools to use while painting. Annie is exceptionally inventive and always seeking ways to make things easier, simplifying painting and decorating processes to make them more fun and easy to accomplish.

Annie Sloan Books

By leading the decorative painting revolution over the last three decades, Annie Sloan has become perhaps the world’s most respected expert in decorative paint, colors, and techniques. She has published 26 books on decorative painting, selling over 2 million worldwide. She currently has 7 books in print, 5 of which we always have available for purchase in our shop.

Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More by Annie Sloan

Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More

Featuring 40 inspiring step-by-step projects, this book demonstrates the easy way to upcycle furniture and transform your home. You’ll learn how to work with color and undertake projects in lots of different styles, including French, Boho Chic, Swedish, Country, and Modern Contemporary. You’ll also learn several techniques such as distressing, colourwashing, gilding, decoupage, stenciling, dyeing fabric with paint, and creating limed oak and faux marble effects.

Published by CICO Books with commissioned photography by Christopher Drake.

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations

With this book in one hand and a brush in the other, you can learn how to create different finishes and effects with paint to change everyday rooms and furnishings into something special, all for the price of a pot of paint. Quick and Easy Paint Transformations runs through 50 different projects step by step, so you can learn countless techniques such as color washing, distressing and aging, paint effects, stenciling, printing, varnishing, and glazing.

Published by CICO Books with inspirational photography by Christopher Drake.

Creating the French Look by Annie Sloan

Creating the French Look

The French look is simple, but the influences are many. Greys, whites, and linens with Toile de Jouy is the most well-known look, but we also have chic and quirky Parisian influence, as well as the sunny and bright look from the south. In this book, Annie Sloan uses her vast experience as an interior designer to combine the use of paint, color, and fabrics to create the French look in 25 easy-to-follow projects.

Published by CICO Books with commissioned photography by Christopher Drake.

Annie Sloan Paints Everything

Annie Sloan Paints Everything

In Annie Sloan’s newest book, 40 step-by-step projects will guide you through the methods for using paint in ways you never thought possible. Learn about printing, stenciling, gilding, transferring images, and dyeing fabric, as well as all the secrets of making the most of Chalk Paint®. Find out, too, how to combine colors for different styles, and how to tap into your creativity by painting patterns freehand. No matter what your skill level, Annie Sloan Paints Everything will enable you to make over your home so you have the naturally stylish, individual interior you’ve always wanted.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workbook

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™ Workbook

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® Workbook is part sketchbook, part practical guide to working with the different key styles that Annie and co-author and son, Felix Sloan wrote about in their book ‘Room Recipes for Style and Colour’Room Recipes had step-by-step guides and plenty of how-tos. But, with the Chalk Paint® Workbook, you get to explore on your own and create a personal reference of tested color blends and combinations as well as a historical journal of your projects. The Chalk Paint® Workbook is grouped into sections, with space for you to jot down your thoughts and play with different shapes, colors, and patterns. There are also handy pockets for storing magazine clippings and fabric swatches. Use it like you’d use a sketchbook or scrapbook, and experiment with your style.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint® Workbook is published by CICO Books.

 Annie Sloan Fabrics

Annie Sloan has hand-selected a range of European fabrics to complement her paint colors. These fabrics range from extra-wide French toiles for walls, curtains, and light upholstery to strong ticking weaves for Modern, Country, or Boho Chic interiors.

Annie Sloan has designed each of her fabrics to complement the colors in her world-renowned paint palette. Her collection comprises Prints, Tickings, and Colored Linens. The fabrics can be combined or used on their own and will beautifully match both Annie’s Chalk Paint®.

Multiplicity has samples of Annie’s available fabrics on hand for you to see and feel. We carry one-yard lengths for purchase for small projects, and we can special order yardage lengths for your interior decorative needs. Delivery of special orders usually takes about 6 weeks.

Annie Sloan Patterned Fabric

Prints – Annie’s Painted Designs

Annie Sloan designed and painted her collection of prints using Chalk Paint®, showcasing its abilities as both a watercolor and opaque. Proudly made in the UK and screen printed with vat dyes to capture the intense colors and painterly texture, each of the three designs has been reproduced in colors that exactly match the Annie Sloan Palette. You can combine any of the designs as a pair or use them on their own. The fabrics are suitable for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings, and general upholstery.

Annie Sloan Ticking Fabric


Made in the UK, this classic 100% cotton, herringbone ticking comes in three colors. In each of the ticking prints, one of Annie’s paint colors, Old Violet, Graphite, or Olive are combined with her Old White to create a fabric that easily complements any decor. The perfect partner to Chalk Paint®, this cotton ticking also works beautifully with Annie Sloan’s range of other Prints and Colored Linens. It is suitable for curtains, blinds, soft furnishings, and general upholstery.

Annie Sloan Colored Linens

Coloured Linens

Annie Sloan designed her Coloured Linens to complement Chalk Paint®. Each of the fabrics features two carefully chosen colors from the Annie Sloan palette, with the weft and warp woven together to produce a complementary effect. The fabrics are a linen and cotton blend, making them suitable for all upholstery projects. They have been tumbled to give them a soft, approachable texture.

Annie Sloan Tools

Annie Sloan Sanding Pads

Annie Sloan Sanding Pads

Although sanding is not necessary to prepare most project pieces for paint application, often it is helpful to create the perfect finish you are looking for. Annie Sloan Sanding Pads come in a set of three, with varying sanding grits so that you will have the perfect pad for whatever effect you want to achieve. These pads have been carefully chosen by Annie because they are flexible, durable, reusable, and a pleasure to use.

Each pack of three has one pad of each grade:

  • fine (220 grit)
  • medium (120 grit)
  • coarse (60 grit)

The fine pad can be used for light distressing or flat finishes. For a delicate worn effect, you can use the medium grade pad. If you prefer a rustic, heavily-distressed look, the coarse pad will help make stunning results easy to achieve.

Annie Sloan MixMat™

Annie Sloan MixMat™

The Annie Sloan MixMat™ is the first of its kind – perfect for being inventive with Chalk Paint®. Made from a silicone-like material, the MixMat™ holds paint on its surface without the paint running off and can be used for color mixing, charging rollers, stamping, and just about any other use you can think of!