Multiplicity is proud to be a Chalk Paint® Stockist, carrying the full line of Annie Sloan products. At our shop, you’ll find brushes, waxes & lacquer, books & fabrics, scented candles & diffusers, and of course – all of the currently available colors of Chalk Paint®. Our friendly, educated staff is always willing to help you with color decisions and with painting tips to ensure your painting success.

Why is Annie Sloan the world’s leading expert in decorative painting?

  • She created Chalk Paint® in 1990, and it celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015
  • She is the author of more than 26 internationally sold books on paints, colors, and techniques
  • She is head of an international network of more than 1700 hand-picked independent “Stockists” for Annie Sloan products in 55 countries around the world
  • She published Room Recipes for Style and Color in 2014
  • She published Color Recipes for Painted Furniture and More in 2013
  • She launched her own Fabric Collection in 2012 and has since added fabrics using designs from her own paintings
  • She published Annie Sloan Work Book in 2012
  • She travels the world teaching specialty paint workshops to the public and to her Stockists
  • She was named “Britain’s most influential female designer” by The Telegraph (UK) 

As one of the world’s most respected experts in paint, color, and decorative painting techniques, Annie Sloan is often deservedly given the title of “a paint legend.” Annie has had a major influence on the painted furniture revolution through her easy approach, lively and creative attitude toward painting, and through the incredible popularity of her paint creation Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan.

Annie has a contagious enthusiasm for decorative painting and a strong desire to communicate and empower people creatively, which she does through her articles in the media, TV and radio appearances, books, blog, social media, videos, workshops, Chalk Paint®, and complementary products.

Annie trained as a fine artist and turned to decorative work after university in the mid-1970’s while painting murals in houses as commissions. By 1987, Annie had written the phenomenally successful book, The Complete Book of Decorative Paint Techniques, considered to be the industry bible on the subject.

Unable to find the style of paint she wanted to work with, Annie used her knowledge of color, paint, pigments, and art history to invent Chalk Paint® in 1990. In 2000, Annie opened a shop in Oxford to showcase Chalk Paint®, lead workshops, and offer interior design services.

Many more books followed, as did shops eager to sell Annie’s paint and products. There are now more than 1,700 Annie Sloan Stockists throughout the world that sell Chalk Paint® and an ever-expanding portfolio of complementary home décor products and accessories.

Annie lives and works in Oxford with her husband David who runs the business with her. Born in Australia to a Scottish father and a Fijian mother, Annie moved to a farming life in England when she was ten years old. With spells in South Africa and connections to France and the USA, Annie feels she has world roots. Annie has three sons and has lived in Oxford for the last 25 years.

Annie Sloan Portrait