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One of the most enjoyable parts of creating is the path to discovery. Truly, anything is possible. It’s a never-ending journey where we can apply color, texture, mark making, design and more in an infinite amount of ways. Are you ready to let loose and come along on an adventure?

Abstract Collage Collections will open your eyes to a world of possibilities as we unleash our imaginations using a variety of paper, paint, and printing techniques. We can’t forget about tons of play – then wash, rinse, and repeat!

During this course students will be exposed to mono printing, paper printing, texture creating, stamps, stenciling, color creation, mark making, and more – and that is just day one! The rest of our time will be spent working on editing, enhancing, and putting our prints to work as we create our collections of abstract painted collages, each as unique as the artist his or herself. Join us for a wild ride that is bound to inspire and get your muse excited about creating! Led by artist and author, Jodi Ohl, students will have plenty of time to create, have one-on-one attention, and watch multiple demonstrations by the instructor to reinforce many techniques and processes.

Students will be working on a small collection over the course of the 3-day workshop. Choose to coordinate your pieces or create 4 entirely different abstractions. The choice is yours! Jump in and join us for this unique experience!

Find out more about Jodi Ohl here.


February 15-17, 2020.
Saturday & Sunday – 10:00AM to 5:00PM & Monday –  10:00AM to 1:00PM
*IMPORTANT: Please scroll to February then select the 1st class date to book*


LOCATION: Multiplicity Studio (please see below for address and contact info)


KIT FEE: $59.54 ($55+$4.54 sales tax)


  • A variety of papers to use for printing techniques
  • Many Stencils
  • Assorted Paints
  • Mark Making Tools
  • Drawing Instruments
  • Assorted Gel Mediums
  • Glazing and Matte Mediums
  • Gesso

Also available for purchase: Assorted artwork, note cards, bookmarks, magnets, my book and a few key extra supplies

Students must provide the following supplies (click to download PDF version):

  • 1 8×10 (or in that size range) Gelli plate
  • 1-2 brayers
  • Scraping tools such as a catalyst wedge and palette knives
  • Palette-please bring a disposable pad of palette paper
  • Assorted brushes (any brushes will do, but have a variety of sizes)
  • 2-3 National Geographic Magazines (older copies are best. You can often find these at secondhand stores)
  • Surfaces: We will be working on wood panels (not canvas). Students should bring 4 (10×10) cradled panels. You can bring more or work on a large panel for your final project but bring at least 4. Please be mindful of space limitations as you pack your supplies. Dick Blick has competitive prices on their brand of panels.
  • Paint: Paint best for printing can be either cheap craft paint or fluid paint from Golden. You will be provided with other types of paint such as a variety of soft body paint for finishing work and some printing work. You’ll want to have your own for the Gelli printing, however. Please include a white, cream, and black in addition to your favorite colors.
  • Art Journal: Bring your art journal, or a pad of painting paper, to use for idea collecting and to build backgrounds with excess paint.
  • Other: We will have a ton of mark making and stencils to use for printing, feel free however to bring your favorites along as well. While you will be provided with many papers to print with, you can also bring any old scrapbooking papers you no longer like, an old book, and any random papers you might like to use for printing.


I have so many brushes that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I tend to like brushes that are soft and sturdy like the Princeton Catalyst brushes or Jerry’s ‘store’ brand that mimics the catalyst brushes.  I also would suggest one larger brush too.  Here is a link to the Mimik Hog brushes from Jerry’s, along with a few others I enjoy using:

Jerry’s has a 17-piece set that is more than they will need, but a great value if you are in the market for new brushes:

Princeton brushes-I especially like the 4 & 6 size of either the bright shader (has more roundness to it) and the flat shader:

Economical but still very good–I like the super shader or the multi stroke sets:

For a larger brush, the #40 Golden Taklon Flat is a good option.

NOTE–it’s not critical to have this but if someone is serious about abstract painting and or painting large, large brushes are key:

*Catalyst Wedges:
My preferred, especially for adding modeling paste:

*Catalyst Blade:
Great for ‘Palette Knife’ like painting:

*Palette Knife:
Here is a nice 5-piece assortment:

Especially one with a cover. I like to use the one shaped like a traditional painter’s palette; there are others with a bit of a wall that can be covered easily in this listing too:

*Assorted disposable palette papers:

Soft Body titanium white, fluid Titan buff, black as well as 6 or so additional colors in a palette of your choice. To create a wide array of palettes, consider both light and dark colors, whether or not you want warm or cool colors in your painting. Some colors I always include in my palette along with the above mentioned are: Quinicridone Nickel Azo Gold, Payne’s Gray, Teal, Green Gold, Magenta, Cad Red, Diarylide Yellow, Yellow Ochre. Choose colors you love, and we will work on ways to mix colors that will coordinate in many different combinations.

For questions, please reach out to our Creative Workshop Coordinator: Diane Cook – 281.924.9476

Additional information:

  • Bring a sack lunch or be prepared to make an order for delivery. A refrigerator is available for student use. Bottled water is provided.
  • Studio Rules: Closed-toe shoes are required. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in rotary tools. Wear long hair tied back.
  • Lodging information: KATY AREA HOTELS



If minimum enrollment is not met within 30 days of the start date, the Visiting Artist may cancel the workshop. In this instance, all paid students will be fully refunded. If students cancel their enrollment 30 or more days from the start date of a paid Visiting Artist workshop, they will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 29 or fewer days from the start date of a paid Visiting Artist workshop will not be refunded.