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If you’d like to have an option to have a payment plan, please contact Multiplicity for more details, at  (832) 437-2442.


This class is focused on teaching students the value of creating using loose and free techniques. Breaking down boundaries and confined ideas about art, learning to move fluidly, allowing an engaged experience rather than one wrapped in contemplation. It’s better to make mistakes than to stand around worrying about them — some of the best things happen by accident. Learning to move forward with each step to focus on art being fun rather than stressful. To create free and expressive work we must have fun and feel free to take risks, this is what makes work resonate with passion.

A mix of demonstration, lecture and hands on painting will introduce students to my ideas, techniques, and the purpose of my work. This is an open level class as there is plenty to be learned by someone who has never painted before or those who are full-time artists and teachers. What I teach is far more about how and why rather than an outcome. The goal of this class is to expose you to new ideas, techniques, and ways of approaching your art.

Using simple materials and techniques you will be free to express yourself within your paintings in new ways – finding yourself as a painter from the raw base of art, learning your personal likes dislikes, connecting you to your practice and imagery from a position of experimentation and instinct, and teaching you to imagine the unimaginable.

Meaning it’s more about developing techniques and approaches to art than how to paint something specific. I push students to further their own work and ideas using my ideas and approaches. I’m looking to make creation fun, remembering this will keep us coming back for more. It’s all about painting, painting over and painting over layering ideas.

Changing ideas, starting new ones – coming back to old ones. It should be a personal journey that remains free and fun in which the creator is engaged in a process that is free of restraint, so they may paint and see their work as it happens. It’s abstract in a lot of ways, but it all makes sense when you see it. It’s something you really need to practice. You take home the ideas and experience and continue to apply them.

For me painting is an experience in every way, I love the feeling of each of my mediums and methods, drawing clenched fisted, wrong handed, without looking, using my hand and palms to smear and mix acrylic paints, using brushes, scrapers, oil crayons, and pastels in any way that comes to mind. I’m always looking for a new technique to inspire me. Painting in many reckless layers searching for a meaning in random intentions, then pulling out the images I begin to see. This is what I will aim to instill in all of you, the excitement of the unexpected. Creating in ways that don’t seem like they should work. This will really open you up and remove the stress from painting, each time showing us and reinforcing the idea that we can outshine our expectation of ourselves in ways we never knew.

PREREQUISITE:  Open level no previous experience needed.
My classes are accessible to those who have never painted or drawn in their lives and will teach even the most seasoned artists new ways of creating and addressing their creations.


Saturday, February 17. 2024, 10am to 5pm (1 hour lunch)
Sunday, February 18. 2024, 10am to 5pm (1 hour lunch)
Monday, February 19. 2024, 10am to 5pm (1 hour lunch)
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LOCATION: Multiplicity Studio (please see below for address and contact info)

WORKSHOP FEE: $791.06 (includes $27.06 Kit Fee)

KIT FEE & WHAT IT INCLUDES: $25 (+$2.06 tax) = $27.06

For your material fee, the instructor will provide non-toxic acrylic paint primary colors, black colored pencils as marking tools, and heavy paper as a surface, so you can roll pieces up for easy transport home.


From your own supplies, bring brushes and oil pastels:

  • Small brush for details
  • 1-inch flat brush
  • Fan brush – this is the only brush I actually care about 🙂

All you need to bring is a few brushes, old and worn are best but anything will work. This is about experimenting with what you don’t think will work.

  • 1 of each, blue, red, yellow, and white pastel

I use Cray-pas these are cheap and a nice consistency a little smear but very stable for oil pastels – others will work fine I just like the level of stability and price of these, and they are what I use 🙂

Additional Information:

  • Bring a sack lunch or be prepared to make an order for delivery. A refrigerator and water cooler are available for student use.
  • Studio Rules: Closed-toe shoes are required. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in rotary tools. Wear long hair tied back.
  • Lodging information: KATY AREA HOTELS

VISITING ARTIST WORKSHOP CANCELLATION POLICY If minimum enrollment is not met at least 30 days prior to the start date, the Visiting Artist may cancel the workshop. In this instance, all paid students will be fully refunded. If students cancel their enrollment 60 or more days from the start date of a paid Visiting Artist workshop, they will receive a full refund minus $75 cancellation fees. Cancellations within 59 or fewer days from the start date of a paid Visiting Artist workshop will not be refunded.