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Break Free from Routine, Embrace Artistic Growth!

Are you an artist seeking a fresh perspective, eager to evolve beyond your comfort zone? Join artist Jodi Ohl in “Exploring Cold Wax and Oil Painting,” a transformative class designed to elevate your artistic journey.

Transitioning from familiar techniques to the captivating world of Cold Wax and Oil can invigorate your artistic expression. Delve into the allure of semi-dimensional textures, unlocking a new realm of creative possibilities.

As an established acrylic painter, I empathize with the desire to explore new mediums. Eight years ago, I discovered the mesmerizing world of Cold Wax and Oil painting—it captivated me, yet the learning curve was real. I understand the apprehension that comes with venturing into something unfamiliar. Let me guide you through this enriching experience, sharing insights and techniques that will demystify this genre and fuel your growth as an artist.

I’m Jodi Ohl, the author behind “ABSTRACTS IN ACRYLIC AND INK,” extending a personal invitation to join me in “Exploring COLD WAX AND OIL PAINTING.” In this immersive workshop, we’ll navigate the use of cold wax with oil paint, crafting a diverse array of paintings, spanning from abstract pieces to an artist choice between vibrant impressionistic florals, figures, or abstract on both wood and paper for your final main piece.

Embarking on a new artistic journey may seem daunting, yet it’s an investment in your creative evolution. You deserve this opportunity for growth. Let’s unravel the mysteries of this medium together. By enrolling in this class, you’ll gain hands-on experience with various tools and materials, eliminating the uncertainty of where to start or what to acquire.

Day 1
• Morning Session will include preparing surfaces, learning about supplies, and watching demonstrations of techniques.
• Learning about Supplies, Mixing Colors
• Layering and beginning compositions
• Afternoon Session will include work on paper and beginning work on wood surfaces.

Day 2
• Morning Session will include a variety of demonstrations and discussions on layering, revealing, and concealing, and
• Afternoon Session will be about shifting, editing, refining, and moving our pieces towards a conclusion.
• How to best cure/dry your paintings, finishing and display advice.

TRAVEL- Cold wax paintings can take several days to fully dry. If traveling by plane, you may want to make arrangements to ship your paintings home. It may be helpful to bring a box the size of 18×18 to add to your suitcase for your paintings. **If you would rather work on smaller pieces due to traveling, please contact us at least 3 weeks prior to the workshop so that we can provide the correct sized surfaces for students to work on.

***Note, we will not be using any turpentine or very strong chemicals in this process, but if you are at all sensitive to fumes, you may want to bring a breathing mask with you.
Feel free to contact us with any questions at

PREREQUISITE: This workshop is open to all skill levels from beginners and beyond. It’s helpful if you have a desire to loosen up and enjoy the challenge of working in a medium that may be new to you if you haven’t used Oil and Cold Wax previously.

Find out more about Jodi Ohl here.


Tuesday, Oct 15, 2024:   9:30am to 4:30pm
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2024:  9:30am to 4:30pm
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LOCATION: Multiplicity Studio (please see below for address and contact info)

$455.54 includes Kit Fee

$59.54 ($55 plus sales tax)


To ensure students can come to this workshop without a huge investment of new supplies, many tools and assorted supplies such will be provided to you as part of our tuition: painter’s tape, assorted oil paints, Oil pastels, drawing instruments, cold wax medium, galkyd medium, texture tools, brush cleaners, stencils and wood surfaces to work on.  (16x16 and 2 6x6 surfaces).


  • 1 pad of Arches Oil Paper   12x16 **if coming with a friend, you can share a pad as we will only need a few sheets each.
  • 1 glass mason jar with lid (or metal brush cleaner)
  • 1-2 flat scrapers such as catalyst wedge or a meissermeister silicone bowl scraper.  Flexible scrapers work best.
  • 1-2 palette knives
  • 1-2 oil brushes (small for details, medium for glazing)
  • 1-2 brayers
  • Small Assortment of items that can make texture (stencils, string, rubber bands, bottlecaps.  Your instructor will also bring some, so limit yourself to a small bag.
  • Medical gloves that protect against solvents and oil paint.
  • **Oil Paints will be provided but if you have favorite colors of your own that you can’t live without, feel free to bring a small selection.

***Would you like to see the supplies I use in both my cold wax paintings and acrylic?  Please Visit my Amazon ‘Storefront’ for more ideas and helpful supply links:


A few fans are helpful for drying and to help reduce any fumes. I will bring rags for everyone to use, but for disposal purposes, a metal can will be needed.

See Kit fee above.

I’ll have a few of my favorite tools available for purchase.

Additional Information:

  • Bring a sack lunch or be prepared to make an order for delivery. A refrigerator and water cooler are available for student use.
  • Studio Rules: Closed-toe shoes are required. Do not wear loose clothing that could get caught in rotary tools. Wear long hair tied back.
  • Lodging information: KATY AREA HOTELS

VISITING ARTIST WORKSHOP CANCELLATION POLICY If minimum enrollment is not met at least 30 days prior to the start date, the Visiting Artist may cancel the workshop. In this instance, all paid students will be fully refunded. If students cancel their enrollment 60 or more days from the start date of a paid Visiting Artist workshop, they will receive a full refund minus $75 cancellation fees. Cancellations within 59 or fewer days from the start date of a paid Visiting Artist workshop will not be refunded.