At Multiplicity we LOVE flowers! We love them so much that our logo, the Heartflower, is a blossoming flower tied gently with a bow.

Basic, Advanced, and Seasonal Floral and Greenery Classes

Each Floral and Greenery Arranging class is always different, unique, and a lot of fun. We supply plenty of fresh flowers and greenery and show you easy ways to create with amazing results. Each class will focus on a specific design type, such as traditional round centerpieces, unique contemporary designs, interesting pavés, or striking architectural designs. Often our class projects will be based on the current season or an upcoming holiday.

Learn basic floral arranging techniques, elements of design, and special tips and tricks. You will leave with a beautiful made-by-you arrangement that you can proudly display, or gift to someone special.

Greenery Sourced Fresh from the Multiplicity Garden

Our Garden Venue is not only a lovely location for Weddings and Special Events, but also a wonderful source for fresh, vibrant florals and greenery used in our floral classes.

Floral and Greenery Arrangements are also available for sale HERE.

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