In addition to our Greenery Arrangements, Large Event and Wedding Florals, Personal Flowers, and Floral Arrangements, we also offer other more specialty floral services.

We do personalized funeral wreaths or other funeral florals that incorporate special photos or mementos of remembrance.

We create customized presentation bouquets to coordinate with theater performances or other specific events.

We can also create fabulous florals for specific spaces or events that require thinking outside of the box. If you have a floral idea or need one for a special event, we can figure out how to make it happen. If you can think it, we can make it!

Prices vary.

To place an order or to schedule a floral consultation, call 832.437.2442 and ask for a Floral Specialist or email

Multiplicity Memorial Floral Wreath
Multiplicity Floral Garland End