At the Multiplicity Metal Studio located at 1210 Avenue A in Katy, we offer 4 types of Instruction:

Each class is specifically designed to focus on a certain technique or discipline within metalsmithing.

1-Day & 2-Day Project Classes

Project Classes are stand-alone, project-oriented classes designed to introduce metalsmithing through the creation process.

6-Day Skill Courses

6-Day Skill Courses focus on mastering the fundamentals of metalsmithing and are designed to continually build on skills learned in previous courses.


Workshops vary by theme and/or skill and may take only a few hours, an entire day, or sometimes multiple days to complete.

Private Instruction

We offer customized Private Instruction for individuals and/or groups desiring more personalized instruction or for those who would like to learn more advanced metalsmithing skills.

Detailed information for each class, course, and workshop can be found by browsing our Calendar.

Classes and courses include all materials and the use of studio tools and equipment.

Typically workshops taught by Multiplicity instructors include all materials; however, our visiting instructor workshops may require the purchase of supplies and/or a tool kit.

Prerequisites for some classes and workshops may apply.

Register online, by phone, or in person for one of our scheduled classes, courses, or workshops. If you would like to schedule a customized or private class for you and/or a group, contact us to plan a fun and educational day!

Questions about which classes might be most useful or confused about a certain technique? Feel free to call us – we’re happy to assist.

Multiplicity Studio – 832.437.6329
1210 Avenue A
Katy, TX 77493
Hours: M-F 10am-5pm

**Need a place to get creative? Check out our Open Studio option. Use our Studio space, including tools and equipment, to practice skills or to work on your own jewelry/metal projects.**

Multiplicity 2-Day Torch-Fired Enamels Class
Multiplicity 2-Day Hydraulic Pressed Cuffs Class
Multiplicity 6-Day Wax Carving 202 Course Amoura Wax Beads
Multiplicity 2-Day Hydraulic Pressed Cuffs Student