KISD Community Education

Multiplicity always offers at least one Floral Arranging Class a semester through KISD Community Education. Some of these classes are geared toward introducing fundamental skills for floral arranging and/or design concepts, and some are more about creating a fun arrangement around a holiday theme. No matter which type of class we are teaching, students will go home with a wonderful arrangement and some new skills that they can use to create floral designs at home.

All enrollment for KISD classes is done through KISD.

You can find the KISD classes we are currently offering on our Calendar. There you will find a link to information about how to register and also a link to the current KISD Community Education Catalog so that you can see all of the other great classes offered in your community.

For information on registering for classes, please visit

Class fees vary. Our Floral Class Supply Fees are non-refundable once we order flowers for the number of students who register for the class, so PLEASE CHECK THE CUT-OFF DATE FOR REFUNDS.

Cornucopia Class Project

Multiplicity KISD Cornucopia Floral

We offer one KISD floral class per school semester. These photos are of holiday arrangements from two of our previous KISD floral classes. Please check out our Calendar to see the next semester’s class offering.

Spooky Spiders Class Project

Multiplicity KISD Halloween Floral Arrangement