At Multiplicity, we believe that everyone can create beautiful floral arrangements. We are here to give you the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to do just that.

In our Floral Arranging Classes, you will learn basic floral arranging techniques, elements of design, and special tips and tricks. You will leave with a beautiful arrangement that you made and can be proud of.

Our Basic Floral Arranging Classes are always different, unique, and a lot of fun. We supply plenty of fresh flowers and show you easy ways to create with amazing results. Each class will focus on a particular type of design, some of which are traditional round centerpieces, unique contemporary designs, interesting pavés, and cool architectural designs. Often our class projects will be based on the current season or an upcoming holiday.

Whether you are interested in starting on a path toward becoming an expert floral designer or just want to create a beautiful arrangement for your home, our Floral Arranging Classes will meet your needs.

Check our Calendar to find our current class offerings.

Basic Floral Arranging Class prices vary depending upon project.

Example of a Basic Arrangement

Basic Floral Arranging