Floral Arranging Classes

At Multiplicity we LOVE flowers! We love them so much that our logo, representing what we do as well as our Heartflower brand, is a blossoming flower tied gently with a bow.

We offer these Floral Arranging Class Options:

Basic Floral Designing Classes

Different designs and styles every month

Party-Project Classes

Good for group activities

Van-Go Pop-Up Classes

Fun floral arranging classes in your space

KISD Community Education

Special classes we offer through KISD

Multiplicity KISD Continuing Education Floral Arranging Class

Our owner, Susan Small, added Floral Arranging to Multiplicity’s teaching repertoire because she has found such special pleasure in creating with these beauties of nature and has found that others also find great inspiration and enjoyment when working with flowers.

When Multiplicity first opened, we had a small floral shop where we did florals for events that were held at our venue and also had flower arrangements for sale in our shop every day. But, we only taught floral designing classes a couple of times a year through KISD Community Education.

Since then, our floral offerings have changed. Now, we not only create and sell flowers for Special Orders and always have our Greenery Arrangements for sale, we also offer regular Floral Arranging Classes so that we can share our love of flowers more often. And, we now have several floral designers who are passionate about flowers and love sharing their passion with others.