Drop in anytime during our normal business hours on a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday, allowing enough time to finish your project and enjoy taking that day’s featured class. Every Drop-In Day, a fun, new design is featured. Some are quick “Instant Gratification” classes, while others are more complex and therefore take more time.

The cost of our Back Room Beads Drop-In Classes varies depending upon the materials included and the time needed to complete the class. Some class fees are all-inclusive, covering your supplies and your instruction, while others cover instruction only. For classes where the fee is for instruction only, you will get to choose your beads and/or components and will pay for them separately. The online class description will list an estimate of the working time it should take to complete your project.

To see the upcoming Drop-In Class Projects, visit our Calendar, where you will find a photo preview of the project, along with the description and cost for that class.

No pre-registration is required; however, due to the popularity of some classes and space limitations, classes will be held on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are planning on a specific time or are meeting up with friends, please call ahead at 832.437.2442 to reserve your place. We will hold your spot(s) until the time of your reservation. Please note – if you are not present at the time of your reservation, we may offer your spot to another participant.

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