Multiplicity offers a special class for Junior Girl Scouts to earn their Jeweler Badge. Our Girl Scout Jeweler Badge Class offers multiple choices to select from to fulfill the various requirements.

Because we have a fully equipped Jewelry Metal Studio where we teach classes and produce inventory for our gift boutique, we can offer the girls a real glimpse into the processes for creating all types of jewelry.

Multiplicity Girl Scout Project Options

Badge requirements and how we meet those requirements:

Get to know the tools of the trade

We design the Girl Scout badge projects so that all of our standard jewelry-making tools are used. In addition to learning about the pliers, cutters, and other forming tools that they will be using, the girls will get a tour of our fully equipped Jewelry Metal Studio and see where we saw, solder, carve, texture, and cast jewelry.

Make jewelry with metal

At Multiplicity, we work with metal every day. For this badge, we allow the girls to explore metal wire as well as sheet metal. They will learn about work-hardening, texturing, and cutting shapes.

Turn everyday objects into jewelry

We love to explore possibilities for this fun requirement. There are so many simple items that we use every day that make fun jewelry components. Some of our favorites to use are basic office supplies.

Create jewelry inspired by another culture

Since jewelry has been treasured throughout the history of the world, it is easy to be inspired by cultures everywhere. We especially love to use Native American bone and horn beads or amazing African Trade Beads for this requirement.

Make a sparkling gift

With so many shiny, sparkly beads in our shop, it is simple for us to help the girls create a gift that shines.

Price varies dependent upon project choices.